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 Artist Statement – Using wool to Paint has the same aim as oil, acrylic or watercolour mediums. The wool is simply the medium used to achieve an artistic result.  I enjoy the synchronicity of a natural fibre used to portray flora and fauna.

My Bushland Sculptures features textile reproductions of birds and some of the endangered marsupials found in southern Western Australia. They are made to order and/or displayed in the Bushland Sculptures Gallery as they become available.  All items are individually handcrafted from wool, mohair, alpaca and silk. They are ‘one of a kind’, and as such will have some differences. Most are life-size or close to it. I’m happy to consider your request for a particular creature 🙂


NOTE:   !!  Paypal is no longer used on this site. !!     It will be be replaced ASAP.   Please use Credit Card facility or contact me directly if purchasing. My apologies for any inconvenience.


Warning: May contain wire, plastic and glue. Not suitable for small children. These creations are not intended to be used as toys. They are designed to be life-like display items.

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